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  • Fin

    And just like that, NaBloPoMo is over. Where did November go, exactly? And along a similar vein, where the hell did December come from??? So, yeah, I managed to write a blog posting every single day1 Interestingly, I didn’t end up using hardly any of the ideas that I brainstormed before the month started 2 – […]

  • I’m Highly Contagious with Zombie Eyeball Disease

    In the latest instalment of Beth’s 2016 health woes, apparently I am now infected with the highly contagious adenovirus. Because apparently having a cold, which this year comes associated with the “100 day cough”1 and then having food poisoning wasn’t enough. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Last Wednesday night, I played hockey. I felt completely […]

  • If you only read one lablit story this year, make it “Crisis Management”

    As I was looking at my favourite tweets for that last blog posting, I realized that I hadn’t blogged about Cath’s short story, which was recently published in LabLit. For the uninitiated1: “lab lit fiction depicts realistic scientists as central characters and portrays fairly realistic scientific practice or concepts, typically taking place in a realistic […]

  • Walking Dead Board Game

    Nothing says “Christmas” like a bleak board game where everyone gets turned into a zombie! My brother in-common-law refuses to play this game with my sister because it’s bleak and nearly impossible to win, so Nancy made me and her friend Daniel play it this evening. They look far too happy for people who are […]

  • Zombie Beth

    So apparently this is what I would look like as a zombie1: Is it just me, or does zombification actually make me look younger? For the record, we now know what I’d look like as a zombie, a Simpson character, a South Park character, and an M&M. In case you are keeping count. Courtesy of […]

  • More About My Vacation. Plus 101 Footnotes!

    So, we are back from our whirlwind trip to Portland1 and are now hanging out on Vancouver Island2,3 . Didn’t really take many photos4 since I went to pretty much all the same places as I did last year5, so I figure you could just look at the photos from last year6. Some random thoughts […]

  • I Am Zombie, Hear Me Moan

    Yesterday, I faced hordes of zombies and… I came out a zombie myself! I had such high hopes that I could run through the 5 km zombie obstacle course race, otherwise known as Run for Your Lives (in Washington State) and not be eaten, but it turns out that the undead got the better of me. […]

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