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Blogs I’m Reading These Days

So I know I recently said that blogs are dead, but that may have been a slight exaggeration. There actually are people who still blog on a somewhat regular basis and I thought I’d share some of those blogs with you. Just don’t stop reading my blog when you start reading these ones, k?

In alphabetical order, so as not to give any of these blogs a complex:

  • The Bloggess – Her stuff is hilarious. She’s actually written two books now, which I’ve been totally meaning to get.
  • Consumed by Wanderlust. Written by my friend Dr. Dan. Not super frequent these days (apparently being a super productive Assistant Professor with eleventy billion students to supervise, one million grants to work on and one gazillion papers in various stages of writing and publication, among various other endevours takes up his time or something). But always worth reading when he posts!
  • Delicious Juice Dot Com – Hilariously written, this blog is by a local Vancouver woman who write about her random ideas and experiences. It’s generally NSFW – in fact, my work network blocks it, saying it’s “pornography”. It’s totally not pornography, but I’m sure Kimli would be delighted to hear it described as such.
  • Dividend and Conquer – A relative newcomer to the blogging scene, my friend Michelle writes this blog about finances (including creative ways to be frugal as well as her investment experiences), plus answering legal questions (as she is a lawyer). I’m looking forward to watching this blog continue to blossom!
  • Inspiration Rick – Written by my friend, Rick. This blog is a must-read if you like hiking – he blogs all the gorgeous hikes he does in the Rocky Mountains!
  • Patrick – You may recall Pat as being my friend who ran for, and won a seat on, New West City Council. Pat blogs about goings on around the city, information and opinions about political issues, and, what I like the most, he writes a blog posting about every city council meeting in plain English! So I don’t have to read a giant council report (which, quite frankly, I’m not going to read) to know what issues my city council is dealing with.
  • VWXYNot? – You may recall my friend Cath from our Paint Nite that confirmed our respective decisions to become scientists instead of artists as being wise decisions. She occasionally still writes on her blog and when she does, I read it. Because she’s hilarious1
  • Wait But Why – His tagline of “new post every sometimes” is pretty apt, as there’s no pattern to when he posts. But absolutely, hands down worth waiting for because his posts are always interesting, well thought out, and extremely well researched. They are very, very long, so when I see one in my RSS feed, I don’t read it right away, but save it until I have a good half an hour to an hour of uninterrupted time where I can curl up with a cup of tea and become absorbed in it. I have learned a tonne from this blog and am always entertained too.

I have a tonne more blogs from which I haven’t seen posts in ages set up in my RSS feed, but I keep them there in the everlasting hope that they will one day be resurrected!

So there you have folks. Blogs are dead, long live blogs!

  1. She’s much more active on Twitter and is totally worth following if you like science, cats, politics, and/or tea. []


Third Time’s The Charm

For the third year running, I’ve made it to the finals of Cath’s blog’s Comment of the Year competition! Basically, she picks the top comments from her blog over the past year and then lets her readers vote on the overall winner. For the past two years, I’ve come in *second* in votes.

They say that the third time’s the charm, right? This means you must vote for me long time and much repeatedly. Well, except for the fact that rules say you can only vote once. But you should vote for me once and then tell everyone else you know to vote for more. Because you don’t want to make a liar out of They, do you?

Update: Please make sure you read the instructions on Cath’s blog posting! In particular, you must vote for three DIFFERENT comments in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. If you try to vote for any one comment in more than one place, it gets disregarded!


Give Away Pseudostoops’ Money!

Sarah has brought to my attention an awesome blogger who is doing an awesome thing. And you know how I feel about awesomeness.

moneyThe blog in question is called Pseudostoops and the awesome thing being done there is some charitable donations. But not just any kind of charitable donations – instead, this is donations by the blogger based on comments on her blog. So all you have to do is go on over to her blog and comment, and then she will donate 50 cents to the charity of the day. Today’s charity is called The Cara Program:

The Cara Program is a proven, step-by-step program that prepares adults who have struggled with homeless, poverty, incarceration, and other challenges not just to enter but to succeed in the workforce. Human services agencies all over Chicago refer people to the program who they believe are ready to take on the serious work of becoming job-ready (including strict selection criteria that includes a phone interview and a drug test.)  The Cara Program is probably best described in its website’s own words:

We don’t shield students from the realities they will face in the workplace; rather, we recreate the workplace here at The Cara Program.  We deploy an experiential training approach that reaches beyond what we teach in the classroom and extends into the very fabric of every student’s experience at The Cara Program.  We give them a manager, a work team, and responsibility.  We make them accountable to themselves, accountable to their team, and accountable to the Cara community at large.

(Source: Pseudostoops)

You have to comment by the end of the day, so what are you waiting for? Go on over there and comment!

(And she’ll be doing this for the rest of the week with different charities, so be sure to check back there tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday too!)


My Sista From Another Prime Minista

Today I finally got to meet my long-lost British twin!  I mean, sure we don’t look anything alike and were born a month apart1 on separate continents, but I can think of no other explanation for our similarities than the separated-at-birth theory. We are both scientists who chose to get out of the vortex that is the tenure track, are bloggers, are Douglas Adams’ fans, are obsessed with the Canucks,  and do crazy tests of endurance.  For further proof of our similarities, see here and here, and here and here.  We met via a mutual friend via our blogs… I believe it was something like, “Hey Beth/Cath, you should check out Cath’s/Beth’s blog!”  And we’ve been reading each other’s blogs for so long now that I totally feel like I know her, but today was the first time we met in person.  Super fun to have coffee with you today, Cath!

  1. I looked up her birthday on Facebook! []