My Sista From Another Prime Minista

Today I finally got to meet my long-lost British twin!  I mean, sure we don’t look anything alike and were born a month apart1 on separate continents, but I can think of no other explanation for our similarities than the separated-at-birth theory. We are both scientists who chose to get out of the vortex that is the tenure track, are bloggers, are Douglas Adams’ fans, are obsessed with the Canucks,  and do crazy tests of endurance.  For further proof of our similarities, see here and here, and here and here.  We met via a mutual friend via our blogs… I believe it was something like, “Hey Beth/Cath, you should check out Cath’s/Beth’s blog!”  And we’ve been reading each other’s blogs for so long now that I totally feel like I know her, but today was the first time we met in person.  Super fun to have coffee with you today, Cath!

  1. I looked up her birthday on Facebook! []

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