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Salmon Spawning

Last weekend Scott and I decided to go do something that has been on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days since the second iteration of my list (and I’m currently on my fourth iteration!): watch salmon spawning. We headed out to Maple Ridge, specifically Kanaka Creek, where salmon are knowing to run. Our first stop was the fish fence:

Fish fence

Which they use to count the salmon so they know how many salmon are spawning.

And this is what we saw on the fish fence:

Fish fence

So I knew that salmon die after they spawn, but I didn’t really think about the fact that going to see salmon spawning would mean seeing a bunch of dead fish, and then a few fish that are slowly swimming around on the brink of death.

Salmon Spawning, Kanaka Creek, Nov 2018

I guess I should have been more specific in my list – like “go to see salmon spawning early enough that you see the part where they are jumping up the river, looking strong and determined!” Perhaps I’ll have to add that to my next 101 list!

On the plus side, the dead fish provide a delicious treat for bears1, who later poop in the woods (and also drop bits of salmon remains) and provide nitrogen for the trees, which later provide shade for baby salmon, so it’s the circle of life, as this sign told us:

Salmon are a keystone species

Also, for some reason that sign has a random closing quotation mark after the word fry!, but there’s no opening quotation marks anywhere and it’s kind of driving me crazy.

In conclusion, salmon are cool and I wish I’d seen them in their more lively state! But I did see them, so I’m marking this one off of my 101 list as “complete!”

  1. Thankfully, we did not see any bears! []


Super Salmon!

So I was driving to brunch today and as I flipped the radio station over to CBC, who should happen to be on the air, but my friend Erika, who was being interviewed on Quirks & Quarks about her rock star paper in Science!

You can listen to the show here – she’s the second segment – the one called “Super Salmon.”


I Am Only One Degree of Separation From Being Published in Science!

Today, my friend Erika’s paper, based on her PhD research, was published in the prestigious journal Science!

science mag
This is the front page of Science’s website today. That red arrow shows you where the story on Erika’s paper resides!

You may remember Erika from such blog postings as her wedding and several 12Bars of Christmas. But in addition to being a thrower of awesome parties, she’s also a ridiculously good scientist. The significance of being published in Science is, no exaggeration, like winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Seriously. Remember how big a deal it was when Alexandre Bilodeau won that gold medal last year1? It’s that big. Seriously.

Also, my friend Linda is a co-author. You may remember Linda from such awesomeness as Team Cupcake and several 12 Barsof Christmas2.

So congrats to Erika, Linda and the rest of the co-authors on this ridiculously amazing achievement. And congrats to me on being only one degree of separation (x2) from a publication in Science!

  1. Assuming you are Canadian. If you are not, insert the name of some important gold medal winner from your country! []
  2. Including the fact that she let me pass out at her place after this year’s 12 Bars Bethy FAIL []