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  1. Have you two ever collaborated in the past? If so, you could say your Eliason Number was 1 (as in Erdős numbers.) Though I very rarely write anything intended for either academic or commercial publication, I did get an essay on the morphology of waterfowl genitalia into a popular book written by an authority with an Erdős number of 6 or 3, depending on whether or not she has since published any collaboration with her mathematician boyfriend. I think that still leaves me with a 7 though, since I don’t think you can upgrade retroactively. I suppose I’ll have to submit something for her next book if I want to get that number down to a 4.

  2. I’ve worked with Erika on science outreach (including one instance where we held a Skype meeting while she was in Norway and I was here in Vancouver), but we’ve never published anything together. Clearly, we need to.

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