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The Great Drs. Beth & Dan Victoria Adventure and Shenaniganery of 2011

It’s hard to believe that the great adventure and shenaniganery could have come and gone so fast, but it has!

The adventuring started when I greeted Dr. Dan, who was arriving on a flight from Toronto, in the manner most befitting his arrival:

Proving I am my father's daughter, this is how I greeted Dr. Dan at the airport.

We then proceeded to acquire a coffee for Dr. Dan, who had been up since 3 am Eastern time (!) and then headed to the ghetto part of the Vancouver airport where one catches a flight to Victoria. The flight to Victoria, by the way, takes about 15 mins of flight time. So, really, by the time you realize you’ve taken off, you are about to land. So much better than the ferry!

Our adventuring, not surprisingly, involved much in the way of food and beverages. We went to Lady Marmalade for my breakfast/Dan’s rebreakfasting. We wandered the streets of Victoria to see what was to be seen. Victoria, by the way, is very pretty! We may or may not have gone to two separate pubs during the course of the day to enjoy local Victoria beers. And I may or may not have discovered Phillips Service 1904 beer, one of the tastiest beers to have ever been tasted1! We also may or may not have taken some hilarious photos. Like this one:

Dr. Beth, the Princess of Whales

Or this one:

Dr. Dan, is that a giant sculpture in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The latter photo may have been taken after a conversation that went something like this:

Beth and Dan are walking along the boardwalk and see the statue.

Dan: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Beth: I am. Would you like me to take a photo of you doing that?

Dan: Yes. Yes, I would.

Sadly, the great adventure and shenaniganery was much too short, as I had to hop on a plane that was headed back to Vancouver early this morning, going straight to work from the airport. It did make me feel like a very important jetsetter, so there’s that at least.

P.S. If you’d like to read Dr. Dan’s more thorough account, with far more pictures than this posting2, here’s his post.

  1. I was telling a coworker about it today and she was all, “You’ve never had Phillips? You can totally just buy it in the liquor store.” A fact about which I am very, very excited. []
  2. Also, all the pictures in this posting were stolen from Dr. Dan []


Off To The Airport

I’m off to the airport to meet up with Dr. Dan, where I am joining his flight on the last leg of his westward journey, for the The Great Drs. Beth & Dan Victoria Adventure and Shenaniganery of 2011! Well, technically he’s going there to be a fancy pants invited speaker at the 7th Annual GeoMED conference, but I’m just going there for shenanigans.

It’s only an overnight trip, so I’m not even bringing my laptop, as I’d prefer not to have my Victoria-based adventuring be encumbered by a heavy laptop, so I’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow after I get home from work to blog about said adventuring1. But I’m willing to bet that both of the good doctors shall issue some tweetage, so for real time updates of adventure-based shenanigans in Victoria2, follow the tweets.

  1. Unless I do a quick blog posting on my iPhone, which, you know, I might. []
  2. And we are armed with several suggestions of excellent places to eat, so expect a fair number of the shenanigans to be of the gastronomic variety. []


Adventures in Adventuring

Dr. Dan mentioned this on his blog the other day, but I feel compelled to confirm that, in fact, October 19th will mark The Great Drs. Beth & Dan Victoria Adventure of 2011!

You see, Dr. Dan is going to Victoria to give an invited guest lecture on his science-y brain thoughts at a high falutin’ stats conference. And seeing as he is flying all the way to Victoria, I figured the least I could do is take a day off to join him on said Island for adventure-y fun times. In fact, Dr. Dan has a stopover in Vancouver and I am going to hop on his plane for the trip over to the Island, spend the day adventuring, and then hop on a flight back to the mainland first thing in the morning1. Adventures may involve beautiful scenery, great food, tasty beverages, and, with any luck, some hottie sightings. Also, I have it on good authority that sumptuous robes may be involved.

In addition, as the calendar of Nerdidays tells me, October 20th is World Stats Day. I cannot explain in words how excited I am to be able to spend World Stats Day Eve with my favourite statistician!

  1. Thanks to a fortuitous seat sale, it’s about the same price for me to fly to Victoria as it would be to take my car on the ferry! And certainly much, much faster! []


Look at me, I’m on the ferry!

And I’m typing on my laptop, which is tethered to my iPhone!  All praise Steve Jobs!

I was pretty happy to have gotten on this 5 p.m. ferry, since the workshop I was at in downtown Victoria ended at 4 p.m. and I wasn’t sure I’d make it to Swartz Bay in time for the 5 p.m. sailing.  Especially after seeing the traffic going into Victoria this morning.  I’d come over on the ferry last night and stayed with a friend in East Sooke last night… a friend I’ve known since kindergarten (!) but hadn’t seen since high school (!), which was super awesome.  When we were little, I used to sleepover at her place out in the country and now she lives out in the country again – so it was just like old times. Well, except on the other side of the country.  And we had 15 years of life to catch up on!

And there’s the announcement telling us we are almost to Vancouver, so I better pack up my stuff and get back to my car!



The other night I went to a friend’s place for dinner.  She’s a coworker from my old job and spending the evening at her place cementing one thing for me: I miss my old coworkers!  Don’t get me wrong – my new coworkers are great, but I built some really great friendships at my old office and I’m really missing being able to pop across the hall into Patrice’s office to catch up on her latest boy news or down the hall to Bryn’s office to bitch about the latest [redacted]. And as much as we all want to stay in touch, everyone’s so busy and it’s so much harder to stay in touch when it involves more than just walking across the hall!

Another friend I’ve really been missing is my old roommate, Danielle.  She moved to the Island about two years ago and I’ve seen her only twice since then1!  So Kim and I decided that we’d head over to visit her for the weekend!  Originally the plan was that I was going to be running the half at the Royal Victoria Marathon (RVM), but since that didn’t work out, we decided to just have a nice relaxing visit and catch up.

IMGP0143Kim, me & Danielle in Murchies tea store in Victoria.

We had an awesome time just strolling around some farmer’s markets and downtown Victoria and taking our delicious local produce to make a nice Thai curry and cococunt rice pudding for dinner.


Danielle, Sheila and Kim – chopping and stirring!

We had grand plans to go cheer on some of Danielle’s friends who were running the half on Sunday morning, but we thought the race started at 8:302, but it actually started at 7:30, so we missed seeing them3Being late for this race – sounds familiar – I think I just don’t have much luck with the RVM!

Kim and I headed home on the 1 p.m. ferry to get home in time for our hockey game. Which is a good thing, since we had a short bench again and both Kim and I got assists to help our team come back from a 2-0 deficit to win 4-2.  All in all, a pretty good weekend!

  1. which feels very strange, since I used to see her every day.  We even slept in the same bed! []
  2. and since Dani just moved to a new place and doesn’t yet have Internet access, so we couldn’t actually check o that []
  3. fortunately, we found this out before we headed out the race []