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The other night I went to a friend’s place for dinner.  She’s a coworker from my old job and spending the evening at her place cementing one thing for me: I miss my old coworkers!  Don’t get me wrong – my new coworkers are great, but I built some really great friendships at my old office and I’m really missing being able to pop across the hall into Patrice’s office to catch up on her latest boy news or down the hall to Bryn’s office to bitch about the latest [redacted]. And as much as we all want to stay in touch, everyone’s so busy and it’s so much harder to stay in touch when it involves more than just walking across the hall!

Another friend I’ve really been missing is my old roommate, Danielle.  She moved to the Island about two years ago and I’ve seen her only twice since then1!  So Kim and I decided that we’d head over to visit her for the weekend!  Originally the plan was that I was going to be running the half at the Royal Victoria Marathon (RVM), but since that didn’t work out, we decided to just have a nice relaxing visit and catch up.

IMGP0143Kim, me & Danielle in Murchies tea store in Victoria.

We had an awesome time just strolling around some farmer’s markets and downtown Victoria and taking our delicious local produce to make a nice Thai curry and cococunt rice pudding for dinner.


Danielle, Sheila and Kim – chopping and stirring!

We had grand plans to go cheer on some of Danielle’s friends who were running the half on Sunday morning, but we thought the race started at 8:302, but it actually started at 7:30, so we missed seeing them3Being late for this race – sounds familiar – I think I just don’t have much luck with the RVM!

Kim and I headed home on the 1 p.m. ferry to get home in time for our hockey game. Which is a good thing, since we had a short bench again and both Kim and I got assists to help our team come back from a 2-0 deficit to win 4-2.  All in all, a pretty good weekend!

  1. which feels very strange, since I used to see her every day.  We even slept in the same bed! []
  2. and since Dani just moved to a new place and doesn’t yet have Internet access, so we couldn’t actually check o that []
  3. fortunately, we found this out before we headed out the race []

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  1. Roshan says:

    Three hot women! Seriously we need to find time to spend with our friends. I've only been managing to get a 3 or 4 hour lunch or dinner with drinks session with my 2 best friends once every 45 days as our schedules clash most times. It's a shame that we can't spend more time with our friends but the fact is that work comes in between.

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