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The Countdown Begins

If you are using Mozilla Foxfire to view my blog, you will see that I now have a snazzy new countdown clock in the sidebar, counting down the days to my defence (thanks to Kalev, my genius friend who did that for me!).

If you are using Internet Explorer to view my blog, you will see that Internet Explorer sucks.

Update (7Mar2006, 12:08am): A few things: First, Kalev, my genius friend, now has it working in both Firefox & IE. Three cheers for Kalev!! Second, did you know that you can find and download Firefox even if you think it’s called “Foxfire” (see above)? And finally, I just noticed that this is my 77th post (77 rocks because it’s my birth year and it’s Anson Carter’s jersey number. And Anson Carter is my fav Canuck!)


Curiouser and curiouser

I just checked the “Schedule of Upcoming Doctoral Examinations” on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website and apparently on the same day that I’m defending my thesis, at the same time and in the same room, someone named Beth Simpson is defending her Ph.D. in Anthropology & Sociology on Environment, Economics, and Consumption: Conflicting Cultural Models. How curious!