New UBC President – Who Will It Be?

I came home after my hockey game* tonight to find this in my email inbox:

To: All members of the UBC community
From: Brad Bennett, Chair, UBC Board of Governors
Subject: Announcement – UBC’s 12th President

On behalf of the UBC Board of Governors, I would like to invite all
members of the UBC community to a special event to meet and welcome
UBC’s 12th President.

UBC Vancouver

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Time: 10 am
Location: Life Sciences Centre, West Atrium

Now, I’m curious! I don’t even know who the candidates are (I’m not sure that info is even out there!) But I think I’m going to go — I have a meeting on campus at 11:30 anyway, so I may as well just go in a wee bit early to see the hubbub.

For you east coasters who will read this well before 10 am Pacific, any guesses? And you can’t guess Hitler (altho I don’t doubt that UBC tried to get him).

*In the interest of full disclosure (no one ever reads footnotes anyway, right?), it is my sad duty to report that we lost our playoff hockey game =( Boo-urns! But, in our defence, we didn’t have a goalie, and that makes it really tough to win! But we played our butts off and that’s what matters! Or so I tell myself.