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The Good Old Hockey Game! It’s the Best Game You Can Name!

It’s Thursday night and the Aggiettes are ready for some hockey!!!

The fans are out in full force!

They have cow bells! That’s right — in plural — cow bells to cheer us on!

The bag piper (complete with kilt) is ready to pipe us out on to the ice (Aggies know how to make an entrance!)….

… and the other team doesn’t show up!! Seriously, not a single person on the other team showed! Despite the fact that (a) it’s the last game of regular season and (b) we were only 1 point behind them in the standings! So, we win by default and jump to 4th (out of 9 teams) in the standings! However, we really, really wanted to play (how could we disappoint our cow-belled fans?)

Fortunately, our resourceful captain, Danielle, managed to get one of the teams that had played right before us to play us too.

And the game was on!

And a good time was had by all! I must have skated harder in that game than any game before, because my legs are killing me worse than ever before! I would also like to point out that my skates appear to glow!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Hope you all enjoy some green beer (or green beverage of your choice!)

In honor of St. P Day, my hockey team went to the bar and drank beer after our game tonight. OK, in reality we just happened to be at the bar post-game when it turned into St. Paddy’s Day and so we toasted it. We were actually celebrating 4 people’s birthdays (one girl on my team, her bf, his twin brother and another one of our fans), so we had cake. And nachoes. And chicken wings. And beer. And the Irish among us compared the extreme whiteness of our skin. Good times.

Oh yeah, and I brought my camera to the game and got one of our fans to take pics. So pics will be forthcoming.

OK, I’m going to quit it with the rambling and go to bed now. Happy SPD!