Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon…

What would possibly possess someone to chat up a girl who is innocently walking by the house they are working on, ask for her number, call her, ask her to go out the next day*, give her their phone number and say “Call me tomorrow and we’ll figure out what we want to do,” and then… disappear? Roommate answers the phone, says he’s not there, asks who is calling and when you tell him, he says, “You are the girl who walks by the house? He said you’d be calling,” says he thinks he’s still at the house, gives the number there, where, it turns out, he is also not. Roommate calls back later, says “he’s not here, but he should be here in an hour or two. Call back.” By this time, it’s like 7 p.m. Now, I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for crap like this. I realize we hadn’t set a time, but give me a break! Like I have nothing better to do with my time but sit around calling someone who may or may not ever arrive home? He has my number, if something came up he could call, right? Do guys really think this is a good way to impress a girl? wtf??? I mean, it seems like he went through an awful lot of work to set this up (and he put on a good show of acting like he wanted to hang out) to then just blow me off.** Anyway, I ended up going out with a friend of mine instead*** – life’s too short to be unappreciated! And I have plenty of good people who appreciate me that I can spend my time with!

*in fact, he asked me to go out that night, but I already had plans

**Courtney, consider this posting my application to open a Canadian franchise of “Dates from HellTM” (or Non-Dates from HellTM, as the case may be…)

***and since I don’t have call display, I don’t know if he ever ended up calling (I’m pretty sure he didn’t though). Freak.

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  • Beth, do I have stories for you…we’ll talk. It will take about an hour on the phone, but we’ll talk.

    Take good care of my surfer boy.


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