Weekend of Weirdness

Remember when I said that guys don’t hit on you on public transportation here in Vancouver like they do in Toronto? Well, we can scratch that off the list of differences between here and there. I was transferring from one bus to another yesterday morning and this guy totally starts chatting me up. He’s all like “I saw you on the other bus and I was trying to get your attention.” And then “You are a pretty lady.” OK, calling me a “pretty lady,” strike one*. Then he offers me a cigarette. Strike two. He asks me where I’m going and I say, “Home.” Now, I chose to say this in an attempt to convey the message: “hey, it’s 10:30 am on a Saturday and I wasn’t at home last night. Thus, I have someone’s place to be at during the night. The role is filled, no need to apply.**” But apparently dude takes this to mean “Hey, I go home with randoms!” He actually leans over and pretends to try looking into my bag and says, “Do you have another change of clothes in there to spend another night out?” Ick! Strike three, four, five and six!!! Then he asks what time it is and I tell him and he’s like, “Do you want to get some lunch?” “No thanks.” “How about coffee?” “No.” What I should have said was, “Not on your life Mr. Can’t-Take-A-Hint! Take your cigarettes and go far far away from here!!” He then proceeded to ask me two more times while we were on the bus if I wanted to go for coffee. wtf? So, long story short, apparently people in Vancouver will hit on your on public transportion, but subway station*** of the gods it is not.

In the continuing weirdness of the weekend, I went to a party at a farm and you won’t believe what happened. The party was fine – there was barbeque, beer, music, everyone loved my 7-layer bean dip****, Gwen made the best pie I’ve EVER had (and I don’t even like pie! But this pie was made with blackberries that were picked *right there*)! Those of us who stayed ’til the end of the party unpacked our sleeping bags and went off to sleep in various rooms of the main building. During the night a white van drove into the compound and one of the girls woke up when some guys entered the building – she checked on it and it turned out to be Security, doing their patrol. They got in passed the locked gate, and into the locked building and were wearing Security uniforms. OK, fair enough. So my friend goes back to sleep. When we get up in the morning, the speakers from the sound system that had been rented for the party were gone. And it turned out that the lock on the gate had been cut. Fortunately the mixer (which is worth a lot more than the speakers) was in a room where people were sleeping, so it wasn’t taken. Even more fortunately, these people who dressed up as security guys to rob us weren’t crazed psycho killers — it’s rather frightening to know that they into the building where we were all sleeping! What the heck is this world coming to??

*actually, truth be told, strikes 1-3 were pretty much covered by his not being hot.
**and quite frankly, it’s none of his business where I’m going, right?
***or bus stop, as the case may be.
****but really, who can resist 7-lay bean dip?

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  1. The world gets steadily crazier, my friend.

    But at least you’re still getting hit on by the men!! Even if he wasn’t hot. I take each one of those episodes to heart – I am HOT, they say!!


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