The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions

I’ve been looking for a copy of The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions ever since I lost the custody battle for the copy I used to sort of own*. Chapter’s, the liars, have been claiming that this book is “temporarily unavailable to order” since the beginning of time. I’ve searched used bookstores all across Vancouver. I’ve searched online bookstores. I even googled the author, William Hopper, and the publishing company, Diogenes Press, in hopes of contacting them to see if they have a few copies of this book lying around that I could purchase. All to no avail. Until now.

Somehow, out of the blue, Anonymous posted a comment on a recent posting of mine (which had nothing to do with The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions whatsoever) that merely said, “” And lo and behold, you can buy the book there! I highly, *highly* recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of the major religions**. How can you not like a book that is dedicated to Mother Teresa, who had me forcibly removed after I was introduced to her; and some guy who punched me in the face for Jesus“?

And, as an added bonus, the author has a blog too. Which he appears to have started on September 4, 2006. I love the irreverent way this guy writes and I’m definitely adding this one to my blog roll. I’m telling you, get in on the ground floor on this blog everyone!

Thanks Anonymous!***

*OK, so there wasn’t *actually* a battle. A skirmish. With light sabres. But not really a “battle” per se.

**This is a new and expanded version, compared to the version I used to sort of own. And I’ve very excited to see what’s been added.

***Anonymous – you should totally come out and tell us who you are and take credit for your find! Or am I the only attention whore on this blog?

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  • To solve the mystery for you…

    There I was trying to get the damned editors to finalize the new edition when I got bored and decided to Google the title just for the hell of it. Color me vain.

    Among the other hits, I found your blog with a reference to The Heathen’s Guide. I was in a hurry (trying to get everything up and running for the new print run) so I just tossed off the site name to you to let you know a new edition was coming out. I have no membership, so rather than signing up for one I just hit “Anon.”

    And you’re right… Chapters are lying bastards. Eris Publications is selling the book exclusively through the site now. (doing well happily.) This also avoids boycotts from nutbar religious folks.

    If you have not ordered a copy yet let me know and I’ll sign one to you.

    William Hopper

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