Dr. Beth, the 5ft tall supermodel

Late last month, I received an email from my Faculty stating that they were looking for grad students to model for photos to be used in the Faculty‘s new grad program brochures. Those of us brave enough to respond were set up for photo shoots. What we actually ended up doing in the photos depended on the time we were available and where the photographer was scheduled to be at that time. So I give you, Beth the Plant Scientist!

A few points of note:

  • doesn’t it look like the corn is really tall, since it is taller than me? And you can’t tell from these photos that I’m only 5 ft tall*?
  • despite the fact that I know next to nothing about botany, doesn’t that last picture look like I am really, really interested in examing this plant? Perhaps getting that Drama minor paid off after all…

*or as one person referred to me the other day, a 5.0

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