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Home Sweet Home

Yup, I’m back in the land of vegetables, mild weather and hockey teams that kick ass! A more detailed blog posting of my adventures in Cowtown will be forthcoming*, but for now suffice it to say that my view of the mountains from my office window is just as stunning, and my job just as fun, as when I left.

The reason that I don’t have time to post now is that I am off to yet another free movie screening. This time it’s Disturbia – a movie with the rather uninspired tagline “Every killer lives next door to someone” and which sounds like it may be a rip off of “Rear Window“. I’ve been hearing radio ads for it ALL DAY LONG, since it is officially released on Friday. It better be good! And I better win some swag. I’m still jealous of Kalev’s Touristas shot syringe.

*in the meantime, read Dave’s summary. He was a responsible blogger and wrote his blog posting, I’m assuming based on the rapidity of its appearance in the blogosphere, on his flight home.

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