Eagle Cam

My friend Erika recently took a very, very cool job. She is the resident biologist for Wavelit.com – a company that streams videos of wildlife to the net so that you can watch animals in real time, undisturbed, in their natural habitats!

Hired by Wavelit.com CEO Arthur Griffiths*, Erika is responsible for all things biological at Wavelit and recently oversaw the installation of this year’s EagleCam** – a camera focused on an eagle’s nest in Stanley Park 24/7 (they even have infrared for night-time viewing and a microphone, so you can hear the eagles chirping at each other). Right now the eagles come and go, but once the eggs are laid, there will be eagles there all the time and you will be able to watch the eggs hatch and the baby eagles grow! How freaking cool is that?

You can also watch orphaned grizzly cubs, Grinder and Coola, who live on Grouse Mountain on GrizzlyCam, Hummingbirds somewhere on the west coast of Canada***, and Nkorho Pan “a natural water hole in the prestigious Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, in South Africa” on Africam. I’m watching Africam as I write this and, although there are no animals at the watering hole right now, I can hear crickets!

omg omg! I just flipped back to EagleCam and the eagle is there!!! S/he is fixing up her/his nest! So cool! What a beautiful bird!

I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time watching these cams!

*a Vancouver businessman, former owner of my beloved Canucks and the man responsible for bringing the 2010 Olympics to Vancouver.

**apparently previous years’s EagleCams have received over 14 million hits PER DAY.

**it doesn’t say where. I was just watching them and they are so cute!

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  • They were Yaking it up, or similar to Yaks, over on Africam.

    So cool!

    Thanks for pointing these out… Your friend must lover her jobbie!


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