My Last Word on the Canucks-Dallas Series

Now, I may have yelled “Turco, you dirtbag!” many, many, many times during the first round of the playoffs. But in truth, it was always when he’d made some amazing save, robbing my beloved Canucks of much needed goals. You won’t often hear me say something positive about an opposing team, but even I have to admit that Marty Turco played one hell of a series.

Turco broke the Stars’s franchise record for a shutout streak at 165:45. Ed Belfour held the previous Stars record with 164:35. Turco’s three shutouts also tied an NHL record for most shutouts in a seven game series.

Props to you, Marty Turco!

In related news, Melanie apologized for getting me a cursed chocolate bar.

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  • I miss you!! I am watching the Canuck game on the computer and reading your blog archives (I figure that you are out, watching the game).

    Phone date soon, k?

    Go ‘nucks, go!

    P.S. I am encouraging Dave to write a blog entry about the parental porn. Fingers crossed that he’ll write it soon…


  • I miss you too, Sarah!!

    I was, in fact, out watching the game. It was depressing!

    Tell Dave that he MUST write about the parental porn. MUST!


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