I’m A Piece of (the Long) Tail

That means I’m a little bit famous. Why, what did you think I was talking about?

The first time I read about the “long tail of celebrity” was on Darren, the non-evil marketer’s blog (here). You can read about the “long tail” (of not just celebrity, but in a more general sense, over here). Wow, I love being able to speak in URL… you never actually have to explain anything!

OK, so this convoluted, URL-heavy intro was just meant to tell you that my little bit of blog-induced celebrity – my spot on the long-tail, as it were – means that I had the honour of being the first ever interviewee for “Inside the Blogger’s Studio” over at Touch You Last. You should go read. Read it now. Here, I’ll make it easy for you:


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  • And a fantastic interviewee you were! I’m using that material to leverage a job doing the back page interviews for Vanity Fair, FYI.

    I should give props to your props, and then we’ll have some kind of Mobius strip of props without end. And then the universe will implode.

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