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As you may recall, awhile back I got a new haircut. I went to a new salon where I’d never been before and I brought Danielle & Sarah as my consultants, resulting in me getting a great new ‘do. Well, as it turns out, hair grows and when you have bangs, you can’t really go for three months without at least getting a trim or you won’t have bangs anymore. So, with my bangs down to my chin, I finally found the time to go and get my hair cut again. I went back to the same girl who cut my hair last time, because I really liked the job she did. And I was *shocked* at what a good memory she had! She remembered virtually everything about my one and only visit to her. The first words out of her mouth when she saw me was “You didn’t bring a group of friends with you this time?” She asked how Sarah had liked her haircut and if she’d gone back to Ontario, she asked how my roommate was doing, she remembered that I’d been divorced and asked me how “the single life” was treating me. She remembered how long my hair was before my last cut and noticed the change in colour (which she didn’t like… “too orange for your complexion,” she said, “and not enough variety – you need highlights”1). I made sure to give her a good tip, because she does a really good job cutting my hair and because I’m sure she’ll remember me the next time I go back and I want her to remember me as a good tipper so she’ll continue to give me good hair cuts!

On a related – and funny – note, the reason I had to find a new hair stylist to begin with is that my ex and I used to go to the same stylist. When we broke up, neither of us wanted to be the one to tell her – we were afraid that she’d be so upset that she’d screw up our haircuts (you just have to know this women… trust me, there’s a high likelihood that that is what would have happened). So, for a while, I continued to go to her and she’d ask me how my ex was (thinking he was my non-ex) and I’d say “he’s fine” and he continued going to her and she’d ask him “how is Beth doing?” and he’d say “she’s fine.” It wasn’t that bad for me, as I only get my hair cut like twice a year anyway, but eventually (a) I just got tired of answering the “how’s he doing?” question and (b) due to my extended period of funemployment, I could no longer afford a haircut that cost more than $8, so I eventually just stopped going to her. Well, not too long ago I was chatting with the ex and he informed me that the old stylist *still* doesn’t know that we are broken up (even though it’s been almost 2 years (!) now and he gets his haircut like every siz weeks or so) and still asks how I’m doing and, on his most recent visit, told him, “Oh, you two are going to have kids soon, aren’t you? I can just tell!” It’s like the stuff that bad sitcoms are made of.

1Which I’m sure in no way reflected her bitterness that I’d had Dani dye my hair with stuff from a box that cost $11 instead of having the stylist do it for $100+.

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