Nightmares, Hump for the Hip and omg it’s freaking hot out

Seeing as how I’ve been done school for almost an entire year, you’d think that I wouldn’t have that nightmare where I’m supposed to write an exam but only discover this fact at the time of the exam – I don’t know where the exam is being held and I certainly haven’t studied for it, as I only just found out that I am even in the course! I haven’t even taken an exam in over 3.5 years! To make it even weirder, it was an English exam… and I haven’t had an English class since 1995!

In other news, I just listened to the best Hump at the Pump ever! Billed as “Hump for the Hip” as the participants won tickets to the Tragically Hip concert, as well as a catered suite where they get to meet the Hip, this H@tP involved a threesome (complete with man pagent to chose the lucky boy who got to partake) and police witnesses. I’ll post a link to the video when it’s up on the CFOX website.

In other, other news – it’s freaking hot out. Already, at 8:13 am. And I live in a basement, where it is usually nice and cool. I guess that’s what happens when it’s the hottest day ever in the history of Vancouver, which is what today’s forecast calls for. Yesterday was also one mofo of a hot day – I decided to sit outside in the sun (because I’m a masochist, apparently) and drink a Frappucino (because they are tasty, albeit calorific) in the afternoon while doing some reading (did I ever mention that I *love* my job?)… today may call for a repeat of that, if I don’t melt first. Then I have a softball game. Let’s consider the Frappucino carbo-loading and/or pre-hydration, k?

And speaking of work, I should go there now. Catch ya later.

3 Replies to “Nightmares, Hump for the Hip and omg it’s freaking hot out”

  1. Dude…for like 2 years after I got my Master’s, I had anxiety dreams about my thesis defense. I would wake up and think: “Umm…I defended 1.5 years ago…”. The human mind is wacky.

    I demand to see photos of the new haircut! I haven’t had mine cut since Vancouver (bad!).

    Finally – my verification code is: “qooowo”. Just wanted to share

  2. Ya, I had a nightmare that I had to re-do comps like 2 years after I passed my comps.

    I don’t have any photos of my new ‘do (well, other than the photos on my Facebook & Flickr from my Erika & Paul’s par-tay, which don’t really show my ‘do so much), but it pretty much looks exactly like last time.

  3. Er, graduated from high school 16 years ago, still have dreams about not being prepared for tests. Mostly French class, which isn’t suprising.

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