Isn’t it ironic?

The other day, I happened to come across the Centre for Internet Addiction Recovery’s website.
Let me repeat that.

The Centre for Internet Addiction Recovery has a website. A website. You can listen to their podcast, read their blog, buy “valuable resources” from their online bookstore, join their mailing list, take an online test to see if you are addicted to the internet, or seek treatment. Seek treatment for internet addiction by going onto the internet??

For the record, I took the test and I am not (though I know a few people who won’t believe me on this one), addicted to the ‘net.

And speaking of my internet (non)addiction, why have the comments on my postings dried up? I checked my stats counter and I’m still getting just as many hits as always, but no one is commenting… was it something I said?1

1this pathetic plea for comments has been brought to you by the letters B, E and G.

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  • Ok – I’ll comment. I’m reading your blog religiously since I found it while doing a search for info on the best cell phone plans in Vancouver. Not quite relevant but fun all the same. I actually cracked up laughing at some of the stuff you’ve written.
    Have you had your wisdom teeth out yet? I had my 4 out about 4 weeks ago and am not totally back to normal. The post-op is worse than the op. Aren’t you glad you know that now? If you’d like more info about dry socket – something to avoid if you can – and about when to have it done during your cycle, you should check it out before you have the extractions. (I can point you to what I’ve read – too late, of course, but informative none the less.)
    Keep it up!
    Ann-Oni Mouse

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  • I really wanted to comment on the polar bear entry, but I’ll comment here to balance things out.

    Polar bears are funny.

    That is all.

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  • Hey Ann-Oni Mouse! Cool – I love meeting new people that I didn’t know were reading my blog! I was just intending to try to guilt trip my friends into commenting, but getting a comment from someone new is even better!

    Haven’t yet had my wisdom teeth out… will at the end of August. Need to find someone who can take me home from the surgeon’s office when I’m all doped up. Fun! I was reading about dry socket – what I read was that you can’t suck on a straw for a few days. Did this happen to you? And when should you have it done in your cycle? I haven’t read anything about that!

    Darren – Agreed. Polar bears are funny. And I did half expect them to pull out a bottle of Coke – damn marketing, getting into my brain!

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  • My brother’s chest hurt after his wisdom teeth extraction. We eventually figured out that it was because the dentist had his knee on Kevin’s chest, to get leverage while pulling out the offending teeth.

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  • Well, I’m highly suggestible so I do what I’m told. You mean you haven’t been talking directly to me this whole time? ;}
    I did get dry socket but I don’t smoke nor use straws BUT I am a teeth cleaning freak and probably started my normal routine too soon afterwards. You probably want to follow the surgeons advice on this.
    Some interesting reads:
    Aren’t you sorry you asked? I’m a fount of information and I’m not afraid to share it. I could be telling you about preparing an ice pack beforehand, using gauze pads sprayed with Chloraseptic to ease the pain or not using too much pain killer because of the unpleasant side effects (and I don’t mean getting high because, somehow, I didn’t) but I won’t bore you with all that.
    Ann-Oni Mouse
    P.S. I love my smart car. Maybe you can find a used one. Some of the crazy enthusiasts at are sometimes selling them to get the latest.
    Oh, nuts, I can’t seem to stop myself.

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  • Thanks for the recommended reading, AOM! I’ll be sure to check it out, as I don’t want dry socket. It sounds painful – was it?Note to self: by ice pack, gauze pads, Chloroseptic.And thanks for the link re: Smart cars. I can’t wait to get my Smart!Darren – You’re not the first person who has told me about the sheer force required to get these damn teeth out. A few people have recounted stories of waking up during the procedure only to see the surgeon with his foot on the chair, using his entire body weight to pull the suckers out. Knee on the chest though, that’s something else!

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