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I suddenly remembered that training for a half marathon actually requires that I go out for a run once in a while. So I decided to head out for a good long run today. And about 7 k into my 10 k, I remembered that (a) my route would take me past Cheapskates, a sports consignment store, and (b) more than one person, from both my own team and opposing teams, has suggested that I get some baseball cleats, as running shoes really just don’t cut it. So I stopped into Cheapskates and tried on a few pairs. And found a pair that fit me that just so happened to be free!1

Apparently this really is my lucky week!

1For the uninitiated, consignment stores set a price for their items, and every week that the item is still in the store, the price gets cheaper. This particular pair had remained on the shelf long enough to get all the way down to $0.

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  • The price at a consignment store should SO not be able to approach zero so closely that it ends up AT zero. How would people make any money then. It should go down by percentages, tailing off at like… I dunno… 75%. And then after that the shop should call the owner and be like “take this piece of shit back.”

    Anyway, that’s what I say. And supposedly I’m… what was it? Oh yes… “incredibly mature.” And my instructor said my paper was excellent and that she wouldn’t expect me to perform any less well on my exam than I had in the rest of my class despite the fact that I had done absolutely NONE of the readings for the exam (which supposedly was because I was working on my “excellent” paper but really was because I’m so fucking fantastically smart that I don’t even NEED to do the readings to sound like I know what I’m talking about until just a week before I’m tested on the stuff). Because yes, I am THAT smart. And THAT incredibly mature.

    But best of all, now that I have “postponed” my Pride party you will be able to come to it once I “reschedule” it. And in the interim, after your insane week of Indian wedding madness, you are going to take me to some gay establishment and we are going to get completely and monumentally shitfaced.

    And somewhere along the line I obviously forgot I was posting this publically… or is it publicly? I can never fucking remember that!

    btw, I am 100% sober right now. Potentially not in my right mind but definitely sober.


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  • Well, if you are buying, far be it from me to look a gift Jager Bomb in the mouth! But it has to wait ’til after the wedding after the Indian wedding… and then after the softball tournament…. except then I’m getting my wisdom teeth out… hmmm… perhaps we need a mid-week event – my weekends are too packed!

    As for consignment stores, there is no way that they’d only go down to 75% – even the super snobby ones go down to like 25% – and then go on the clearance rack if they don’t sell (I believe you are allowed to come back and pick up your item if you don’t want to sell it for the very low price).


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