Dear Girl on her Cell Phone in the Movie Theatre Bathroom,

Please note that it is not acceptable to talk on a cell phone while using the bathroom. I mean, I’m sure it was very, very important that you tell your friend/lover/parent/baby daddy “I just saw Resident Evil!” but I really do think that this could wait for 30 seconds until you are done using the facilities. Saying “I’m in the bathroom” and then flushing the toilet while on the phone – also not acceptable.


Everyone Else on the Planet.

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  • Jorge – I don’t even want to know.

    JB – Seeing as the entire conversation consisted of “I saw Resident Evil. I’m in the bathroom. [flush]” I think you should get yourself a better informant for your “Resident Evil” updates.

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  • I was there and she was still fucking on the phone as she exited the washroom! Quelle vache!

    But just to somewhat elaborate, we were seeing Resident Evil: Extinction (aka RE3). C’mon Beth–we have to be modern and all!

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