Sunday night, 11 pm seems to be the time when hot Vancouver boys do their grocery shopping. Safeway was positively crawling with them. It’s something I’ve been wondering about for a while, because I rarely see hot boys in the grocery store, yet I know they must acquire their sustenance at some point – you can’t build those muscles without protein!

Unfortunately, Sunday at 11 pm was also the time that I, being on the way home from my hockey game, decided to take advantage of the fact that I had a co-op car by stopping in at Safeway for some groceries.

On the way home from my hockey game. As in my hair is in pigtails, tied back with a bandana, no makeup, sweaty and disgusting.

Sigh. Sometimes you just can’t catch a break.

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  • Go to the Safeway on West 10th at Sasamat. Usually there are ALWAYS hot college boys there–although I’m sure they’re WAY too young for you. *snicker*

    By the way, you’re always sweaty and disgusting. 😛 That’s why I love you… because only you pull that off so well!

    Oh wait, maybe it’s me that’s always sweaty. I’m so confused lately. And even totally confused I have more of a sense of appropriateness than SOME people who shall remain nameless.

    But back to reality where you are always at the very least super cute (I will provisionally allow that you may sometimes be not completely smoking hot), I’m sure when your hair is in pigtails you are incredibly adorable. Which probably makes you intensely dangerous to those poor, innocent college boys who are just trying to buy some food.


  • Years ago I was living in Ottawa, and came home to spend Christmas here in town. I was up at Whistler for New Year’s eve, and spent a few hours late in the night throwing up. I had to catch a 10am flight, so I got only a few hours of sleep, and didn’t get a chance to shower at all.

    Of course, sitting next to me on the four and a half hour plane ride was possibly the coolest, cutest girl I had ever met — she was some really bubbly engineering manager who just broke up with her boyfriend. Despite being talkative, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her that often considering I stunk like a brewery, had stubble on my face and large bags under my eyes.

    Maybe karma is telling me something.


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