Unending Jest


Someone who rides the bus and does most of her reading on said bus and thus must carry her book to and from said bus probably should not get herself into reading a book this size:

The apple is in the photo to give you a sense of the size of the book.
Granted, it’s a smallish apple, but it’s still a really big book!

Fortunately, my health benefits package includes $400 a year of massage therapy and another $400 a year of chiropractic, no doctor’s note required, as lugging this book around for last 871 months has really done a number on my vertebral alignment.

1 At least it feels like I’ve been reading it for 87 months.

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  • Have *you* finished it, Kalev? Only those that have read IJ have earned the right to harass those who are reading it. 🙂 By the way, Beth – what edition is that? I’ve never seen it. My first copy was the standard-issue orange-blue paperback, but it was pretty beat up by the time I finished it, so I now have a nice hardcover ed. for reference (and for re-reading it for the second and now third times).


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