Beth in a Box

When someone has a giant box in their house, it’s only natural that they will try to see if they fit in that box. The answer, my friends, is yes:


In fact, there’s plenty of room inside that box – you could have a tea party in there!

So, I took this photo, but before I got a chance to post it I saw over on Darren’s blog that Rebecca beat me to the punch. Not only did she have a picture of her inside her printer box, but she did it with comic strip complete with Dick in a Box reference. Clearly, I have much to learn in the ways of blogging.

In my own defence, I only just set up my printer last night, despite receiving it last week because, well, I was kind of intimidated by the fact that the “Quick Setup Guide” was 70 pages long1. I was really busy last week and this past weekend2 with work and it was much easier to leave it until a computer-y friend of mine came over and set it up for me. I chose the wifi printer because I didn’t want to be hassled with such things as plugging the printer in and setting it up for wifi required knowing things like WLAN and WEP and WPA and other such acronyms. I’m sure I actually could have figured it out3 if I wanted to, but having someone else do it for me was much easier. I work smarter, not harder. Plus, it gave me more time to do things like play inside my new fort4.

On the plus side, it’s all set up now and prints all nice and suchlike. At least, the few test pages that I’ve printed so far. I’m going to play around with it more this weekend/next week once my stupid big report at work is done. I’m very excited that it prints in colour and duplexes stuff. I heart duplexing.

1Wait a sec, that’s not really in my own defence. Unless my defence is that I’m a big baby.
2Ya, I was working on the weekend. Big report due. Boo to big reports!
3There are illustrated step-by-step directions. I’m sure I could have followed along if I actually tried.
4I have to keep the box to ship the printer back to them when my trial run is over. So I suppose I should keep my playing to a minimum to keep it intact.

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