Second Only to Sex….

… that was how the goalie who played for our team last night described hockey1.

Also heard in our locker room yesterday:

  • Spit or swallow?2,4
  • I can eat 6 men.3, 4

We won 6-0, after losing the past two weeks (our first two losses of the season, after 9 straight wins). And *I* got an assist. I managed to get open in front, took a pass from the centre and shot a mighty shot6 which the goalie just barely managed to stop… it was too hot for her to handle and she let it rebound, a rebound that was then picked up by the other winger who shot it in the net. And the crowd7 went wild.

This entire posting was not just a lame excuse to talk about my assist, why do you ask?

1although she did also say something to the effect of “my husband would kill me if I said hockey is better than sex,” which makes one wonder, really.
2This was allegedly in reference to the Skittles gum that was being passed around the dressing room before the game. Gum which I, upon reading the label and seeing that it contained shellac5, declined to chew.
3This was allegedly in reference to gingerbread men. Allegedly.
4For the record, it wasn’t me who said either of these.
5So I just learned something new! I didn’t want to eat shellac because I have memories of spraying it on paintings in art class as a kid to preserve them. But when I just read that Wikipedia entry, I saw that it’s made from bugs! Ick! Glad I took a pass on the squished bug gum!
6“Mighty” may be translated as “I actually shot it at the goalie”
7There may or may not have been a crowd that may or may not have gone wild.

Photo by notanartist on Flickr

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  • So this just totally proves that hockey is disgusting.

    I love Skittles, though… do regular Skittles, and not Skittles gum (like, gross, who’d want Skittles GUM?) have shellac? Oh well, even if it does, betcha it’s better for you than aspartame.

    Plus I’ve found an anti-aspartame documentary that you and I have to watch now.


  • I think you are just jealous that hockey is so cool. =P

    I have no idea wtf is in Skittles. I don’t eat them, so I’ve never checked the label. And it’s not so much about whether it’s good for you or not, but rather that I’m a vegetarian and don’t eat animal bits. Unlike *some* people =P

    And you’ve found an anti-aspartame documentary, eh? Bring it on!


  • Oh you mean shellac is crushed bugs? I just thought it was bug… secretions or something like that. Oh well.

    And I wouldn’t talk about animal bits, you of the non-vegan marshmallows and the rennet-containing cheeses. 😛


  • Dude, I *don’t* eat gelatin-containing marshmallows! Hence the search for the veg-friendly ones! *You* are the one who eats gelatin!

    And cheese is made with microbial enzymes, not rennet. Read the labels!

    The Wikipedia entry says it’s bug secretion, but “this coating may not be considered as vegetarian as it may, and probably does, contain crushed insects.” Ewww!!!


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