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WordPress just ate the posting I spent the last 40 minutes carefully crafting.  It was to be the next installment of my Prime Minister series.  And Sir Charles Tupper is goddamn boring and I’m too damn tired to start it over now, so you will have to wait until tomorrow for it.

In the meantime, I can report that (a) Liberal Joyce Murray won the Vancouver Quadra byelection by a mere 151 votes, (b) cherry blossoms are in bloom in Vancouver now, and (c) it appears that I will be going to Yellowknife next week.

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  • Jesus H Christ! Only 151 votes? Gods I hate the fucking Conservatives… over here the Labour government is being blamed for the tanking economy (when everyone knows it’s the fucking US Republicans’ fault) and so the Tories are doing especially well in the polls. Why can’t that happen in Canada… obviously the tanking economy is Canada is because God hates the Conservative Party, especially because the Liberal party is the natural government of Canada.


  • I’d just like to go on record to state that Blogger has an autosave feature. WordPress: not so much. I’m just sayin’…

    Also, did you know that all your labels now link to any posts by a Worpress user with the same label? So when I go to look for your first Prime Minister post, I gots’ta sift through the posts of a bunch of randoms?

    That’s just some feedback for all the Blogger haters out there.


  • Thanks for the feedback, WP-hater Dave. I did not know that my labels (I think they call them “categories” in WP) go to any WordPress user who has used that label, instead of just mine. That’s not cool. I’ll see if I can figure out why. And, yeah, lack of auto-save is lame… although it wouldn’t have helped me in this case ‘cuz I started the posting after my login had been timed out. Boo-urns!


  • There are issues with Blogger and issues with WordPress. No platform is perfect. I just switched to WordPress recently from Blogger, and there are a number of good things about WP that I’ve really enjoyed – browsing comments, replying to threads, seeing my blogstats directly, etc. Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with WP. So have I, for the record. But I still think Matt Mullenweg is totally cute.


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