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My sister’s bf suggested that I try BlogDesk , what with the eating of the post I wrote yesterday by WordPress1. So I just wanted to write a quick post to test it out. So far I’m not liking that I have to go up the “View” menu to switch between the WYSIWYG and the Source code (on WordPress site you just have to click on a tab). Plus, I was just playing with an image and I can’t figure out how to maintain the aspect ratio while re-sizing the image2. And it keeps putting <p> tags in that I don’t want. Anyhoodle, I’m going to click “publish” now to see if this actually works.

1What happened was I had left WordPress open in a Flock tab the day before, so when I went to write my new blog post, I just started writing it there. But when I hit “publish,” I was taken to the login screen, as apparently I wasn’t actually still logged in. And thus my post was eaten.

2I tried holding down each of “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Shift” while re-sizing, all to no avail.

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  1. What do you think of Flock, anyway? To me it seems like a hammer in search of a nail. That is, that it’s trying to solve a problem that I don’t have.

  2. I like Flock for two reasons: (1) I can’t install any software on my work computer (IT blocks us from doing so) so I can’t have a Twitter app… Flock lets me see new Tweets without having to refresh my browser. (2) I like being able to drag & drop pics from a site (say Flickr) to the clipboard and then into my blog postings when I’m writing them. BlogDesk seems to let me do that too, but won’t let me easily resize them.

  3. Here’s the fix: Greasemonkey (add-on to Firefox and several related projects) and then the “Text Area Backup” script.

    It keeps a local backup of any textarea on any web page you visit.

    Also: CTRL-A + CTRL-C, but that’s not so automatic.

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