Now I’m On The Plane!

I’m flying Air Canada to Edmonton and I have to say that the little individualized TV system they’ve got going on here suuuuuucks! With a capital SUCK.

First, since it’s not a long enough flight to watch a movie, I decided to check the TV channels. But the TV channels are all named “Channel 1”, “Channel 2, “Channel 4,” etc., with no indication what might be on said channel.1. So you have to click on each channel randomly until you find out what it is, and then you can click further to pick individual programs should you find something you might want to watch. No, I don’t want to watch the How to Mediatate Channel, thanks anyway. I finally found that one of the channels has Family Guy on it (yay!) and am forced to sit through no fewer than 7 commercials only to find out that the one and only episode they have is one I’ve already seen. Hmph. So then I give up on their TV channels and decide to watch the CBC In-flight News. Because I actually do like watching the news. So, I click on that, only to get a message saying “We’re sorry, this option is not available at this time. Why don’t you watch this old story from The National?” So I start watching it, and it’s quite interesting, actually. A story about the WUSC, a program that brings refugee students from other countries to Canadian universities. The story follows two Somali youth who are refugees in Kenya and who are awarded these WUSC scholarships. We see them leave their family and friends in Kenya, arrive in Canada and start to learn about the culture and their schools. Then I pause it for a bathroom break and when I come back… it won’t restart. “We’re sorry, this program is not available at this time.” WTF? I was just watching it! Am I seriously supposed to believe that somehow the plane no longer has access to this program? Did it parachute off while I was in the bathroom?

So I decide to get out ye ole laptop to do a bit of work and the flight attendent told me there was an outlet into which I could plug said laptop underneath my seat. Oh yeah, there’s an outlet, but you can’t plug anything resembling a North American plug in it, that’s for sure. Oh well, there’s not much more time left on the flight, so my battery should last…. Except… wait… they are annoucing that we will be 15 minutes early so pack up your laptops, folks, it’s time to stow the luggage.

1Seriously, there’s no Channel 3. Or 6. Or 9.

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