Sitting here at YVR, waiting for a plane to take me to Edmonton. Sure, I *could*1 be working on my lecture for Friday2, but instead I can’t resist writing a quick blog posting, offline, to be posted when I next encounter wifi. Recalling my last trip to Alberta and the lack of anything edible on the other side of security, I picked up a veggie patty sub for my lunch3. A sub on which they put waaaaay too many jalapeno peppers and now my mouth is burning like the seventh level of hell. Oh well, I should be happy that at least this time I get to eat real food, as opposed to jalapeno potato chips for dinner.

That’s really all I have to report. Which is to say, I have nothing to report. I guess I will work on my lecture after all =)

1Where could = should.
2Which I’m actually quite far ahead on compared to most weeks, actually.
3Also may be the last time I see any vegetarian sources of protein for the next couple of days.

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