I couldn’t leave well enough alone

My sister warned me. “Don’t go see it! Just don’t!” she told me. I usually try to avoid spoilers before I go to a movie, but I had noticed a few Tweets and G-Talk statuses expressing that pretty much everyone hated this movie.  But I just had to see it for myself. And so tonight Kalev¹ and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Ugh. Just… ugh.

The movie did have one redeeming quality: despite all the cobwebs and the movie being set in Peru, there was not a single spider in the movie. So at least that’s something.

¹And being that tomorrow is Kalev’s birthday, I have to say that taking K to this movie was the WORST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!

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  • That’s okay, Beth… I know you will come up with a GREAT make-up prezzie for me!

    Yeah, it was kinda just very… blah. And I swear those ants were just as bad as spiders! Icky!

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  • No no no. Ants are fine. I <3 ants.

    And yes, I will, indeed, come up with a GREAT make-up prezzie. No pressure though, eh?

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  • Hmmm.
    I actually enjoyed the movie.
    But then, I am really good at 2 things…

    1) Suspending disbelief
    2) Watching movies for what they are

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  • @Jorge: I’m all for suspending disbelief but hello, he survived a nuclear bomb blast by hiding in a lead-lined refrigerator? I’m not even sure if the lead-lined thing is accurate (although the 50s, who knows) but doesn’t everyone and their dog know that you don’t get in an old-school refrigerator because the bloody things don’t open from the inside and you would thus suffocate and die, as many children did until they wised up and changed the design to not have a latch (or to have an interior latch)?!

    I usually have no problem suspending my disbelief but with that piece of dreck? Nuh-uh.

    @will: Yes, the new Narnia was pretty painful too, huh? And what is it about Lucas that requires computer-animated cutesy anthropomorphic animals in all his movies? Those gophers/groundhogs and moneys in the Indy movie: just SO cute. Where the previous line is said with intense sarcasm.

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  • @Jorge – Yeah, I’m down with suspending disbelief… like, I was down with the melting face guys or the guy sticking his hand into the other guy’s chest and ripping his still beating heart out in the previous IJ movies. But those freaking CGI gophers were pointless! And I mean {spoiler alert! spoiler alert!} – aliens? Really? IJ movies are supposed to be about mystical things, not aliens.

    @Will – Never saw Narnia. Nor do I plan to.

    @Stacia – unfortunately, they made Harrison Ford into an old man (I mean, I know he *is* an old man, but they could have downplayed that instead of having him act like one)

    @Tanya – Tell me about it. And I paid for *two* tickets since it was Kalev’s birthday!

    @Raul – You are lucky! Or smart! Or both!

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