A Blog Post in Pictures

Had a burning desire to write a blog post on the plane on my way to Toronto, but there were no electrical outlets in which to plug my laptop. And my laptop battery sucks. Hence, I give you this:

Props to my sister’s bf, Jeff, for (a) lending me his camera to take those pictures and (b) fixing my damn computer and it’s messed up DNS so that I could actually get on to the internets to post this.

Now I will get back to my regularly scheduled lounging in the backyard.

7 Replies to “A Blog Post in Pictures”

  1. I always knew you weren’t a real doctor: I can read your writing just fine, you fraud!


    That’s funny about your laptop, because I thought my new one’s battery life was shitty and only lasted 2 hours but then I switched some settings and voilà—now it lasts 4 hours or so, well past the length of my current 4-nights-a-week, 3-hour evening classes so I don’t need to lug the stupid adaptor around with me and have to worry about finding a power outlet or having some nob trip on it and destroy my baby Vaio.

    I guess that’s because yours is one of those monstrous “desktop replacement” jobbies.

  2. Beth I am laughing so f’in hard right now. Holy crap you are funny!
    I can’t believe you made footnotes on paper.
    I think you should keep that posting for your dietetics students: pop, chips and cookies for supper – nice example 😛

  3. I, too, much prefer ruffled chips. But there is no flavour I detest more than “All Dressed”. Ask Jen Wood about the infamous incident in high school at my house (which coincided with her washing dishes with Vim. Yum!)

    So glad that you are safely in ON. So excited to see you soon!! And then again during the light blue time on the summer calendar!

  4. It’s nice to know that people still know how to write by hand. Although, I bet you had a cramp before you were done! Hope you have a great vacation even though you forgot your camera.

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