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Brain Cells

I already have a stuffed cold virus, a stuffed flu virus and a stuffed Ebola virus. But when I was in the airport waiting for my flight from San Francisco on Sunday, I discovered that they now make stuffed brain cells!

So cute.

4 Responses to Brain Cells

  1. I always thought they would look less elephant-like.

    On a side note, I just found out that LOL is built in to the dictionary of the v2 iPhone/iPod touch. Very handy for googling LOLcats. And Miss604 will be happy to know that her name is now acceptable on the devices.

  2. Raul says:

    Awww. So cute. I want to see the others (the cold, ebola, etc.)

  3. Beth says:

    @Chris – The stuff brain cells are not to scale =)

    @Raul – Your wish is my command! View all of the stuffed viruses/bacteria/cells on the Giant Microbes website: Just for pictures of the three that I own, check out this blog posting

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