100 days ago I decided to go on one of my crazy kicks where I try to blog at least once every day1. Previous attempts faltered at 88, 58 and a very, very pathetic 25 days, but this time I’ve somehow been able to keep at it and here I am, blogging my 100th day in a row.

Now, some people have asked me, “Why do you want to blog every single day?” or “Are you insane?” or “What’s a blog?” But the thing is: I like blogging. There are so many interesting (and hilarious and infuriating) things I encounter every day, I just *have* to share them. And what’s a girl to do when there’s no one around to hear her various witty remarks?2

In the last 100 days, I’ve blogged about everything from America (see: Bank of) to Zombies (see: Gay). I’ve been to a blogging conference and been featured as a geek girl blogger on Spyjournal. I’ve taught y’all about 10 Canadian Prime Ministers and started my new series on BC Premiers. Wow, scrolling through my postings to write this paragraph, I’ve just discovered that I blogged about Socrates TWICE3! Hell, I live blogged my laser eye surgery! But I think my favourite posting in these last 100 days was the handwritten one.

Here’s to another 100 days of blogging!

1Technically, I made the decision 98 days ago, but since I’d blogged on each of the two days before, I’ve been blogging for 100 days straight.
225 points to the first person who correctly identifies where that quotation is from.
3I’m so frickin’ cool.

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  • Hawaii license plate posted on Flickr by Poagao.
  • Blog billboard which, apparently, is a housing company of some sort, posted on Flickr by Ryan Ozawa.

Go Creative Commons licenses, go Creative Commons licenses go!

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  • Impressive.

    Curious: Did you “cheat” and batch-write posts for later publication, or have you written and published posts every single day?

    I know that my energy, mood and temperament certainly isn’t suited for writing blog posts every day.


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  • @Jan – I do sometimes write stuff and set it up to publish later (is that really cheating?). Because, I agree with you, some days the inspiration just doesn’t strike me, and other days I get ideas for 5 or 6 things (and, as long as they aren’t time sensitive, I may set one of those up to publish on a day when I know I won’t have time to post something). But, even with “cheating” like this, I still managed to screw it up and miss a day on my previous attempts, so I’m pretty pleased with going 100 days. =)


  • So how come no one commented how right after this post, you missed (or deliberately skipped) a day? I thought maybe you were messing with us because for whatever reason (maybe because it was a Sunday night) I was online late and kept refreshing for your Sunday post.


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