I can has votes?

I’ve been trying for a while to think of a good caption for a lolcat. I finally came up with one that really amuses me:

For the uninitiated, lolcats are pictures of cats with captions in a form of broken English, called lolspeak. These pics are created by whoever is hit with the desire to create a lolcat and posted to the icanhascheezburger website. Interestingly, a number of story lines have sprung up around lolcats, including their deity, Ceiling Cat, and their devil, Basement Cat.  If a lolcat gets enough votes, it goes up on the main page of the site.

You should *totally* go and vote for my lolcat!

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  1. Lolcats — a nice legal way to take the edge off the day

    I’m not sure my creations can compete with that above. Still, I thought I’d share . . .

    Cunning Cat

    Conpiracy Theory Kitteh

    and a Lolpresident

    There were many more, but perhaps it is for the best I can’t track down the URLs.

    In any case, I urge others to pitch in and vote for Muffin. Lolcats are immensely popular and still rising in prominence. In the virtual way so many online phenomena are, it is a really big deal to make the main featured collection there.

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