Time for a New Hockey Stick

The ref in last night’s game1 noticed a slight imperfection in my hockey stick:

Yeah, I kind of have a huge chunk missing from my stick blade. I’ve actually been playing with my stick like this for a few weeks now, knowing that I really, really need to replace my stick.  And, the thing is, I *have* a brand new stick (the identical model to this battered old stick2) that I could use.  Why haven’t I switched to the new stick, you ask?  It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I forget how to tape the other end of the stick to make the knob at the top and the nice groove thingys, like this:

Of course, I just took the new stick out and it already *has* the knob and groove thingys made out of tape on it.  D’oh!  Ah well, at least I just have to tape the blade for next week and it’s good to go!

1Which we won, 2-0, btw!
2I have two of the same sticks because this one time, my ex-husband, who wasn’t my ex-husband at the time, was in Toronto and bought a stick to play ball hockey with his brother while he was there. Then he brought it back to Vancouver (it still has the Harmony Airways luggage sticker on it) and it was too short for him to use for ice hockey, so I inherited it. And it just happened to be the same stick that I already had.

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