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My new eyeglasses arrived in the mail today! It’s funny, but after years and years of *hating* my eyeglasses, I was really excited to get this pair. I guess part of it is the novelty – I haven’t worn any glasses in more than six months and those ones didn’t properly correct my vision because they were so old – and part of it is knowing that I only need them for 3-6 months. And then the other part of them is that I got such a super wicked awesome good deal on them and who doesn’t love a good deal? (Props again to Karen for telling me about this place!)

The quality of the glasses is pretty good – they fit perfectly, they seem to be as solid a pair of glasses as I’ve ever owned.  I’m going to bring them to my optometrist’s office for her to have a look at – when I told her I could get a full pair of glasses for $40 from a site on the ‘net, she was baffled: “How can they do that?  We can’t even get a frame or lenses for $40, let alone a whole pair.”

Also, check out the crazy package my glasses arrived in:

package, redacted by you.

IMG_4534 by you.

It was wrapped in fabric, hand labeled in marker and sealed with wax!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a package sealed with wax before!  When I saw that package in the mail I thought “well, either that’s my glasses or someone is sending me anthrax.”  My next thought was “these must be so cheap because someone in Pakistan is paid 5 cents a day to make them.” But then, I’m sure the glasses you buy from the optician are also made in another country by underpaid labour and they just have a huge mark up.  Rock, meet hard place.  At any rate, there didn’t appear to be any anthrax in the package, so that’s a good thing.

Finally, here’s a side-by-side comparison of what the glasses looked like in the online trying-on-glasses-simulator jobby and my actual glasses.  It’s a pretty good simulation.


6 Responses to 4eyes

  1. Kalev says:

    You look so much smarter now! 😛

    Like you needed to look smarter. 😛

  2. jacks says:

    HAWT! as was the skirt and the photo with dreamy eyes. just checkin’ in to say: hot, hot. and hot. well done. and here is to hoping that your glasses aren’t made of plasticized anthrax (which i know is possible because i am *such* a scientist). 😉

    jacks’s last blog post..jacks buckles under facebook pressure and creates her very own 25 things…

  3. AOM says:

    Hey great glasses!

    (On a side note – you couldn’t turn off those two autolaunching videos, could you? The hockey and the political lawn sign ones run at the same time and drown out the beautiful CD I’m listening to. No offense.)

  4. Beth says:

    I know, I know! I’m sorry! I don’t have any control over the auto-play on those. Blame VodPod – I used it to post both of those videos. I’ll have to post a bunch of postings to knock both those off the front page!

  5. Kalev says:

    Beth, just put them under a “click here to continue” type of thing.

    And moving forward,

  6. Sarah says:

    The glasses look awesome on you. Good call!

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