25 Random Things About Other People That Also Apply To Me

So, it seems like everyone on earth has done the “25 random things about yourself” meme1 and I’ve only just now2 been tagged with it!  Doubled tagged, actually, by both Jackie & Jodelene.  Doubled teamed by two girls, if you will. Ahem.

So, since everyone on earth has already done this meme, since I enjoy adding mutations to memes (yay evolution!), and since I feel like everyone already knows everything I can think to tell about myself, what with having blogged for so long, I’m basing my 25 random things on other people’s lists.  That’s right, I’m going to list 25 random things from other people’s “25 random things” lists that  just happen to match up with me. It will look like this:  stolen  item from someone else’s list (link to their blog (or Facebook page3) in parentheses, so you know who I’m matched up with) – any additional comments about this item in italics. Yeah, I know, I can’t make anything simple, can I? Got it? Ok, cool.

  1. i love french fries and would eat them every meal of everyday if i could. i secretly wish i was one of those people who was all like “deep-fried stuff – disgusting!” but instead i want to kick-in-the-junk-hurt them. (Jackie). Similarly: “I heart french fries” (Therese) – when I was in my mid-20s, my mom once said to my then-husband, “When Beth was little, she only ever wanted to eat French fries for dinner. Anytime you asked her “what do you want for dinner, she’d answer “French fries.”  My then-husband replied, “What do you mean “when she was little”?”
  2. I have a newly discovered love for poutine! (Therese) – T also gives me props for being the one to introduce her to this delicacy
  3. i love standing in front of a classroom. truly. (Jackie)
  4. Having grown up during Canada’s conversion to metric, I instinctively think of speeds in kilometres per hour but fuel economy in miles per gallon, dimensions in inches and feet but volume in millilitres and litres, and temperature in Celsius but weight in pounds. (Derek) – although Canada started the metrication before I was born, when I was a kid it was still commonplace to teach kids their height in feet & inches and weight in pounds. Apparently they’ve since starting teaching kids height in centimetres and weight in kilograms, but  I’m still confused when I hear a kid answer the question, “How tall are you?” with “I’m 147!”
  5. Favourite colour, blue. (Airdrie) and (Jorge) – I like a lot of colours – red (as you can tell by my blog theme) and green are up there, but blue has been my favourite as far back as I can remember
  6. I love chocolate. (Airdrie) – in particular, dark chocolate. The darker, the better in fact!
  7. This made me very happy. This year will see the addition of many more of these to our circle. It’s an exciting time. (Jorge) – Yeah, I’m apparently getting to that age where my friends are having babies.  Eek!  I always thought all my friends *were* children, how can they possibly be *having* children?
  8. I’m loud, outspoken and I ‘m a talker. (Robin)
  9. I don’t go anywhere without my iPod. (Robin)
  10. I have done a lot of volunteering over the past 15 years including a year as a ‘Victim Support Worker’ with the Langley RCMP[Halton Regional Police Service]. During that time I helped victims of crime deal with homicide, b&e’s, domestic violence, and sudden death. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done (Jodelene) – The town in which I worked for Victim Services didn’t have a lot of crime, so we usually got called to car accident deaths; my job was to help the family through that initial shock, go to the hospital to help them identify the body and make sure they had family and friends around to support them.
  11. I drink coffee every morning and sometimes catch myself drinking it into the afternoon and then wonder why I’m in a bad mood. (Tanya)
  12. I spend way too much time on the computer. (Tanya)
  13. I love Vancouver and all the awesome people I know here!! (Geoff)
  14. I don’t have cable tv at home (Geoff)
  15. I’m always setting goals and planning my future, so much so that I sometimes forget about today. (Tanya) – This is definitely something that I need to work on.  The other day, I actually caught myself saying “I can’t wait until I have the time to read Tolle’s “The Power of Now“!”
  16. i’ve never been in a fistfight. (Kristy) – and I play hockey, so that’s saying something
  17. I love Harry Potter… Expecto Patronum! (Rubens)
  18. Although I have had many jobs, I’ve never been fired or laid off. (Joe) – fingers crossed that I’m not jinxing myself with this one!
  19. I want to run a marathon by the time I’m 30 40. (Jessica) – the one in Sacramento.  It’s a net downhill race.  I may be crazy enough to contemplate running a marathon, but I’m not a fool!
  20. I enjoy running (mainly along the seawall), and will go in a few races this year (Geoff) – I love running alongside any body of water or in a forest.  And I’ll go in at least one race this year.
  21. I’m training for the Half Marathon in Eugene, Oregon Vancouver, BC on May 3. (Marcus)
  22. I spent almost 2 weeks writing this list. (Marcus)
  23. [I] think Pepsi rules and Coke drools. (Keira-Anne)
  24. I have a compulsive need to shove cotton swabs in my ears after showering. I HATE the feeling of water in my ears. I know it’s against the directions of “swab gently outside your ear only, DO NOT INSERT OR YOU’LL GO DEAF” but I can’t help it.(Jen)
  25. I own a lot of books I haven’t read. And I feel really guilty about that. (Jen)
1I mean, the freaking New York Times and Time have both written pieces about it. When the MSMa is writing about something going on in the web 2.0 world, you know it must be pretty widespread.
aMSM = main stream media. I’m such a geek.
2where now = 2 weeks ago, when I started compiling this list.
3so you probably can’t click a lot of these links. Unless you are friends on FB with my friends.

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