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a bike that can only run on special roads. by vrogy.I want a new bike.

And thanks to getting a grant that will fund my job for the next six years,  I can actually afford to buy one. (An aside: I don’t usually talk about my job here on ye ole’ blog, but (a) this is just too good of news not to shout from the virtual rooftop, and (b) this is relevant to my bike purchasing desire – since I knew the grant that funded my job was ending soon and I knew that the competition was going to be very tough (despite the fact that I knew I’d written a kick ass grant application, about 2 of every 3 applications were going to be rejected), I’d been madly saving as much money as I could (hence the three jobs I’ve been working this term) in case I ended up with no job in this economic downturn/recession/depression/financial armageddon.  But now that that job is secured, I feel like I can use some of those savings for bike purchasing goodness. But I digress).

My current bike, which I haven’t ridden in I don’t know how long, is 18 years old.  It really, really needs to be retired.  And I really, really need a bike that I can actually ride.  With the weather actually becoming nice, I think that it’s high time I started to bike to work.  But the problem is: I don’t really know anything about bikes. I’ll probably head over to Dunbar Cycles and Cheapskates to see what they have, but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what I should look for in a bike that I will use primarily to bike to work and the grocery store?

Image credit: vrogy on Flickr

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