My blog is b0rked

I’m actually just writing this to see if I can even post anything.  None of my blog postings are showing up – just weird error messages.  Looks like the big blog posting I had planned for today will have to wait until I figure out wtf.  Which will have to wait because I’m going out for an 18 km run.

Also, my laptop is running pig slow and I have no idea why.


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  • OK, that’s just weird. Because the landing page is working fine for me, but I was getting errors when I tried to go to my blog postings. But when I clicked the link to my posting in the email notification I got about your comment, I was able to get here.

    And I didn’t change a thing about my blog, so I know that I couldn’t have made any errors in configuring something.

    How did you get to this posting?


  • Opening this post caused all kinds of crazy shit on my laptop. It wanted to change my default VCard reader, and Symatic quarantined some shit. Seriously. I’ll see if I can make it happen again and I’ll send you some screencaps. You haz been hacked?

    Dave’s last blog post..Almost The Third Month


  • Everything looks okie dokie for me.

    I just felt compelled to insert the term “okie dokie” into this conversation. Especially given the amount of nerdage (i.e. nerd verbage) that typically flies to and fro on this the blog to end all blogs[1]. Examples today include: ‘configured landing page’, ‘VCard reader’ and ‘b0rked’. Of these, I think b0rked is my favourite. Unless there is some sort of fee for using this term, I’m going to make it my mission to use it at least once a day for the next week. I may also use the term VCard reader, which given my maturity level means something completely different than what it’s supposed to.

    That is all

    [1] I may be biased given that I’ve been designated the Official Statistician & Tattoo Consultant for NTBTWK.


  • @Dan: it’s fixed because I have a paper I’ve been dreading to write… and so I spent some time cleaning stuff up for the blog. 😀

    Procrastination, like misery, loves company. And stupid computer issues, apparently. Where stupid computer problems are basically PHP injection attacks.


  • Hi Beth, you still have some remnants of the hack. You’ve got the iframe hack that I wrote about in this post:

    You most likely got it through somebody brute-force guessing your FTP password.

    How to get rid of it:
    – Upgrade your FTP password!
    – Check all browsable files on your website (.php, .htm, .html, etc.) (Once the hack bot got in, it likely added this code to a ton of files)
    – Look for lines of code with width 1, height 1 hidden iframe. See my blog post above or use this WordPress exploit scanner (from a very respectable and respected source):
    – If you find the hack in any part of the site that you didn’t create yourself (WordPress files, theme files, extensions, etc.) delete the particular directory and replace all the files with a freshly downloaded set (for plugins, the settings are stored in the DB and will survive this procedure).
    – If the hack code is the only content in the file, delete the file.
    – If the hack code is inserted after the ending HTML tag, just delete the hack code and save the file.

    Ping me if you’ve any follow-up questions.

    Jan Karlsbjerg’s last blog post..25% of Danes believe in Jesus’ resurrection? Nonsense!


  • @Kalev – You are my hero. And a “PHP injection attack” sounds very scary and vaguely dirty.

    @Dan – I look forward to your report on the (minimum) seven instances of you using the word “b0rked” by this time next week. Also, bonus points for a report of your usage of the word “VCard reader.”

    @Dave – I’m sorry that I b0rked your computer! Kalev has the blog all fixed up now!


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