Look At That, I Still Suck At Pushups

OK, so I have a confession to make. I’m a total, complete, absolute, 100% deliquent when it comes to my pushup/situp/squat challenge.  Week 1 went fine, but then week 2 was a total bust, as I went to New Brunswick for a few days and didn’t seem to be able to find the time for the exercises while traveling.  It’s a pretty weak excuse, I’ll admit, as it doesn’t take that long (less than 30 minutes to complete all the reps of all three exercises on each of three days in a week) and it doesn’t require any equipment, but I only managed to do it one of the days while I was away.  Then the next two weeks consists of equal suckatude – I did exercise twice one week and not at all this past week.  But now it’s time to turn down the suck and turn up the not sucking.

I did another set of exhaustion tests, just to see where I’d rank, but I’m going to start week 2 over again, since I’ve yet to fully complete week 2.  Fourth time’s a charm, right?

For the record, my exhuastion test results from yesterday were as follows:

  • squats – did 201, nearly doubly my previous exhaustion test of 105 [and anything above 41 is considered “excellent”].  Guess I don’t actually need to complete the rest of the get to 200 challenge, eh?
  • sit ups – with 56, more than double my previous 23, I jump from the “poor” to the “very good” range
  • pushups – 10, up from my pathetic, pathetic 4, steps me up to rank “2”  from “1” (where a rank of “1” is the “are you sure you really want to do this?” range and a rank of “2” is low end of “where people normally start”]

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