My Plan

So this whole getting up at 6 a.m. to start work in Surrey by 8 a.m. thing sucks.  Now, I happen to *love* working 8-4 compared to the 9-5 that I worked at my old job – I’m home before 5 and I feel like I have *so much more time* in the evening.  But the getting up at 6 a.m. – boo-urns!  I keep telling myself that I will go to bed at 10:30 p.m., giving me a respectable 7.5 hrs of sleep.  And then I keep failing.  I usually end up going to bed around 11:30.  Or midnight.  Or… later. And then I’m sleepy as all hell the next day.

My problem appears to be that although I tell myself “I’ll go to bed at 10:30p.m,” what actually happens is that 10:30 p.m. rolls around and then I go “oh man, I should go to bed.  Right after I finish reading this blog posting/writing this blog posting/sending these emails.” And then it’s 10:45 p.m. Or 11:25.  And then I get sucked into the brush-teeth/wash-face/put-on-PJs/prepare-tomorrow’s-lunch/set-up-coffee-maker-for-the-morning/holy-crap-I-forgot-to-do-my-pushups-&-situps-I-better-do-them-now vortex and suddenly it’s 11:57 p.m.  And then I just check to see if I’ve received any emails in that time, because FSM forbid I might not see that email ’til morning.

So I now have a new plan!  And the plan is mine and this is my plan.  It’s a good plan and I created it and it’s mine and it’s a plan1. My plan is this: when 9:30 rolls around, I drop whatever I’m doing and get ready for bed.  Once I’m all ready, in whatever time I have left over before 10:30 p.m., I can geek out all I like. But that’s it.  Lights out at 10:30 p.m.!  Tonight is my first attempt at this – as I type this, my face and teeth are squeaky clean, my lunch is packed, my coffee maker is ready for the morn and my body is pajamaed.

I predict I’ll last two days.

1100 points to the first person to correctly identify where that’s from!

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  1. I saw this kind of plan on Lifehacker a little while ago, and I actually followed it for three days. And it worked; it was a great plan. But then I missed a day, then two, then totally got out of the habit, then returned to my normal suckitude.

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