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Maybe if you’d spent less time…

… playing “unnoticeably on your broswer” during English class:

Lame by you.

… you would know that there isn’t a capital R in “classroom.”

For the record, this was a pop up ad that managed to sneak by my pop up blocker. I wasn’t actually searching for online fantasy games featuring women with giant breast implants.  If you happen to be searching for such a thing, though, apparently you can go to this site.

5 Responses to Maybe if you’d spent less time…

  1. amoosefloats says:

    how many gnomes to you have to slay to give here a pear necklace…sorry i could not help myself

  2. dbarefoot says:

    There's a terrific blog post showing the, uh, moral decay of these ads:

  3. drbethsnow says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I think that is probably a good thing.

  4. drbethsnow says:

    LOL! I love how for the last one they give up all pretense and don't even both with the medieval theme anymore – just boobies!

  5. Kalev says:

    Oh my lord! My lord!

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