#7 – e-audiobooks at the library!w00t!

Did you know that you can get free audiobooks at the LIBRARY?  As in audiobooks that you can put on your iPod?  As in free?

iPod iPod by jakerome.I discovered this totally by accident just the other day. I had just finished listening to one audiobook on CD1 and went to the VPL catalogue online to look up another book and noticed that in addition to book, e-book and CD audiobook format, the book I was looking for was also available in  “EAUDIO” format. And clicking that link took me to a whole new “eCatalogue” where I could download all sorts of e-audiobooks!

The entry for any given book tells you if the file will work on PCs and/or Macs, if you are allowed to burn it to a CD and/or put it on your iPod and if it’s available in WMA and/or MP3 format.  Also, you can’t download the file if someone else already has it out – I’m guessing this is due to the licensing of the audiobooks because obviously it’s not like if one person downloads the file it physically isn’t still in the library.  Anyway, if the title is available, you check it out for a given number of days and then you can download it. There’s also software you can download that will allow you to transfer the file to your iPod (if this is allowed for a given title). And once your time limit is up, the file becomes inactivated (essentially, this is like you’ve “returned” the book to the library).

In conclusion, I <3 the library.  I mean, they already combine two of my favourite things – books and free.  Free audiobooks on my iPod just makes them that much better!

1Since I now spend ~1 hr a day in my car driving two and from work, I’m on a big audiobook kick. It makes me feel like I’m getting some use of that time.

Image credit: Jackrome on Flickr.

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