Happy Birthday, Soon-To-Be-Dr. Dan!

30±4 years ago, the world was graced with the presence of the baby who would someday become the man who will soon be Dr. Dan, statistician extraordinaire and my Official Statistian and Tattoo Consultant.

Here’s a photo of me and Dan on our recent hike up Grouse Mountain:

Cookie and Count by planetschwa.

So, happy birthday, Soon-To-Be-Dr. Dann!1

Image Credit: Posted by planetschwa on Flickr.

  1. The extra “n” is for…. []

9 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Soon-To-Be-Dr. Dan!”

  1. Thanks Dr. Beth! I've been spoiled today and I love it!
    Also, I think we've never looked better. You're looking especially blue and cookie-loving, and me? Well, I am looking dashing, what with my green shirt and beautiful purple skin. Also, the monocle is a nice touch.

  2. Naughty is correct. Even if you had prior knowledge, I still bestow on you 100 points. I'm not quite sure what you can get with 100 points as of yet, but keep saving them. Some day, they will be worth something. Perhaps a beer on my next visit to Vancouver? I also am going to take this opportunity to bestow 100 points on Dr. Beth for also knowing the answer. I mean, it only seems fair.

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