Beautiful British Columbia

After my second weekend in a row spent on the Island, then a drive out to Aggasiz for a meeting this morning, and then a beach-side run this evening, I have to say – I heart you British Columbia.

The fall colours are really starting to come in, making drives to ferry terminals and through the Valley positively splendid!  And I don’t use the word “splendid” that much1, so you know it must be pretty awesome.  While driving down Hwy 1 through Abbotsford and Chilliwack this morning, the fog was so thick that I was pretty sure I was in Steven King’s The Mist2 and then all of the sudden I burst out of the fog into blinding sunshine and the colours of the trees were so vibrant and the little fluffy clouds by the mountains were picture perfect.  If only (a) I had a big fancy camera that could do such a sight justice and (b) I weren’t booting it down the highway, I’d have a photo for you.  As it is, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The crisp fall air also made it a great day to run 16 km after work tonight.  I do like running in the summer, but it gets *awfully* hot3; tonight’s 12 degrees was just cool enough that I didn’t feel like I was going to die from the heat on a long run, but just warm enough that I didn’t get the my-muscles-are-hot-on-the-inside-frozen-on-the-outside feeling.  And I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the crisp clear4 evening – as I ran along the waterfront, I saw tonnes of other runners and bikers and walkers and people playing croquet in a park and people with adorable babies wearing adorable toques5 and people with adorable dogs6.  The combination of the fall colours and sound of the ocean on the beach and the beautiful mountains and the streets alive with active people – it reminded me why I love living here7.

  1. Splenda, yes. Splendid, not so much []
  2. and was bracing myself for those horrible spider-y monsters to attack me & Zaphod []
  3. especially during a summer like the one we just had []
  4. I should say “mostly clear.” There were some menacing gray clouds to the east and I was running towards them. But what challenge is there in running if not for the added danger of facing likely pneumonia if those storm clouds reach you before you finish your run when you haven’t worn any rain gear?  On the plus side, once I got as far east as I was going and turned around to come back, I could use “trying to run away from the storm” as my motivation to hustle []
  5. the babies were wearing adorable toques, not the people with the babies []
  6. there was also a chick rocking an awesome blue-green velour track suit (I know that sounds like I’m being sarcastic but I’m totally not. It was *awesome*) and a chick who was leaning so far back while power walking I’m pretty sure she was breaking the laws of physics by not falling over. But that is neither here nor there []
  7. as if I needed reminding! []

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