Happy Friday the 13th!

A few people brought this to my attention the other day:


Apparently, in honour of the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, Google made a bunch of Sesame Street Google logos.  And since today is a numerically significant day – i.e.,  Friday the 13th (*thirteen!* *thirteen days in November!* ah ah ah ah ah!) and Google recently posted that pic of the Count, I thought it was a good time to resurrect the paper I wrote while working for the Centre of Excellence for Sesame Street Investigations, along with my colleagues from the The Newspaper Route: Your First Step to Success Inc. and The Canadian Division for the Advancement of the Vampiric Monarchy. You know, for anyone who wasn’t reading my blog two years ago.

Click here to read the paper (.pdf).

Image Credit: Posted by COG LOG LAB on Flickr.

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  • I love that paper. I still share it with all my friends. When submitting my CV recently for a certain faculty position, I almost included this (BRILLIANT, GROUND BREAKING & REVOLUTIONARY) work. But then my advisor suggested that it wasn't the image that I wanted to leave with my new potential employers. Advisors can be sooooooo boring.


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