13 Replies to “Tour Of My New Place”

  1. a) you look gorgeous

    b) there is totally not even close to enough room for your shoes

    c) I never realized how short you were until I saw this video shot from your perspective; it reminds me of when I was, like, 8. 😛

    d) I can't wait to visit!

  2. I second you looking gorgeous. Thanks for the tour! FYI an alarm will not protect you from ninjas, because they are NINJAS! They only thing that could protect you from them are better ninjas.

  3. Lovely! You can never have too much protection against ninjas 🙂

    In every dwelling I've lived in all the times I've moved away from home, I've only ever had one sink, so I find two sinks to be excessive. I'm all like, "WTF? Now my dish drying rack is too far away!"

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