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Olympic Torch

Honestly, this city is transformed.  There’s an electricity in the air. People are smiling and laughing and *talking to strangers*!  Vancouver is not generally a city where people talk to strangers.  Vancouver is a fairly social place, but people tend to socialize with those people they know and not so much with the talking to people they don’t know.  But in the past few days, I’ve noticed a lot of total strangers around the city talking to each other.  “Are you going to any events?” “Where are you from?” and “OMG, where did you get that hat!!  It’s SO AWESOME!!”1.  We’ve heard a lot about people who are anti-Olympics in the time leading up to these Olympics2 and not much in the way of support. But now that the Opening Ceremonies are just a day away, the supporters are coming out in droves.

This was Cambie Street today at about 2 p.m.:

And this is about 40 minutes BEFORE the flame is scheduled to arrive.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much red and so many maple leaves in such a small area as I did today!

And here’s the big moment!

I made this video clip for my niece – seeing all the kids so excited about the torch going by made me really wish she were here3.

For the record, here’s a video of the Olympic flame for Vancouver 2010 being lit in Greece back on October 22, 2009:

Pretty amazing to think of the amount of time this flame has been burning and all the distance that it’s covered!

  1. That last one may have been me when I saw five people with hats shaped like maple leaves today []
  2. and I’m not discounting them.  There are a lot of good reasons to be ticked off – e.g., cost overruns,people being told they have to take signs down from their own windows []
  3. even more than my usual “I wish she were here!” []


Tour Of My New Place


The Hockey Sweater

OMG! Why did no one tell me that The Hockey Sweater is on YouTube??

This is a a Canadian classic! We watched this every year in elementary school, usually right before Christmas break when the teachers showed us a bunch of films1, probably because they knew we wouldn’t be up for learning anything at that point.  We also watched a cartoon about Christmas and aliens and there was a goose in it. And the teenagers all wore bell bottoms ((my school only had really old films to show us). Wait, it was called “Cosmic Christmas”!!  <searches Youtube>  ZOMG, it’s on You Tube too!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

  1. yes, I’m so old we watched movies on actual film projectors []


It’s Funny ‘Cuz It’s Fonts


Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Protect Insurance Companies PSA
Hollywood speaks out to help insurance companies

Props to Kalev for bringing this important public service announcement to my attention!


Happy 12:34:56 7/8/9

Numbers... by lrargerich.While some people celebrated this numberific occasion back on July 8, I’ve been saving it for today because I prefer to write the dates in day-month-year order, which makes sense, rather than in the crazy, out-of-order month-day-year1 fashion.

I was going to post a link to my blog posting about the song “789” – but I can’t find it. So I’m reposting the video today.  It’s a pretty awesome song and you should totally have it stuck in your head.

You’re welcome.

Image credit: Posted by Luis Argerich on Flickr. CC FTW!

  1. I realize that this stems from the way you would speak a date – “August 8th, 2009″, but I still think it’s out of order. Day < month < year. In truth, I actually prefer year-month-day, because that way if you sort them numerically, they will come out in chronological order. Which is helpful, for example, for naming different version of a file (e.g., 2009-08-06 Hockey Hotties Phone Numbers.doc and 2009-08-07 Hockey Hotties Phone Numbers.doc []


#19 – Population Health & the BC Paraplegic Association

And speaking of health, I’ve been meaning to share a few videos with you that I saw at a conference recently.

First, a video on Population Health.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to embed it1, so you have to go here to see it.  It’s nice to see that people are really starting to appreciate the importance of the social determinants of health in addition to the biological ones.

Second, a video about the BC Paraplegic Association’s Peer Program2:

I found this one very inspiring!  It makes me happy to see people doing such important and meaningful work!

1I tried to use VodPod, but it only seemed to get the upper left hand corner.
2It’s on YouTube, so it’s embedalicious.

blog468x60 by you.Don’t forget to donate!

Read about the charity that I’m supporting, Options for Sexual Health!


The Latest Technological Advance

One of the closing plenary speakers at the conference I was at showed this video. Hilarious!

It reminded me of this video, which anyone who has ever tried to help someone to use any computer software program will appreciate:


This Is A Travesty!

I can’t believe what they monkey fighting did to the Monday-to-Friday best line in the bestest freaking movie ever:


All Things Hockey

Item the First: this, my friends, is a toddler hockey brawl:

more about “ – Toddler hockey brawl“, posted with vodpod

It’s so very wrong, yet so adorable.  I would so love to see a couple of NHLers have a slap fight like that.

Item the Second: Apparently there’s a new play on tour called “Five Hole: Tales of Hockey Erotica.” In case it isn’t clear, they provide this informative tagline: “Combines sex and hockey together.”   According to this site they are on a “cross-Canada” tour.  A tour which stretches from Calgary, AB to Ottawa, ON1.    There are a number of shows slated for Ontario, so all of my Ontario-based readers: I expect you to attend this play and report back.  Maybe you can win the much coveted role of “Theatre Critic” here on NTBTWK2.

Item The Third: I’ve figured out what’s been wrong with the Canucks.  It’s not been coaching nor injuries nor lacklustre play by the defence.  It’s all been the result of a cursed password.  Not unlike the cursed chocolate bar episode of 2007, the cursed password is a password that was jinxing my boys.  I have to change my work computer password every 42 days.  And it’s surprisingly difficult to think up a new password that often, so I usually go with whatever I’m thinking of at the time I get the “change your password now” reminder.  And in early January, I happened to be thinking of that Canucks when I got that reminder and so I happened to make that my password.  And the Canucks went on a horrible losing skid.  And it didn’t occur to me until just yesterday that this is obviously the result of my password, which must be cursed.  And so I changed it.  And guess what happened in tonight’s Canucks game?  Yeah, I think that’s enough evidence to conclusively prove that my password was cursed.  Lesson learned: no more Canucks-related passwords.

1Hate to break the news to you, but if you keep going west past those big moutains, you’ll find more Canada! Ditto for going east of Ottawa.
2“Coveted” due to the level of prestige that comes with this role. The level of pay, not so much3.
3There is no pay for the NTBTWK Theatre Critic position.